Kindly email me to provide verification information and arrange for our tryst. Only after our meeting is set will I communicate with you through phone call or text message. You may also fill out and submit the contact form below. Forms or emails with incomplete information will not receive a reply. 

I always prefer that you email me to set up a meeting, even if we have met before! If you text me I may not have my phone with me some days and I would hate to miss you! I may not be answering emails on weekends or holidays. If you message me after Friday afternoon, I'll get back to you on Monday.

I prefer to set all meetings at least 24 hours in advance whenever possible. Please plan accordingly.  I generally don't accept same-day requests. Scheduling farther in advance is welcomed!

Please always refrain from mentioning explicit acts/activities of any kind! Failure to do so will result in termination of communication. I also do not discuss my rates, as I have already provided that info for you on this website.